Gunjur-Berending land dispute: One killed, 9 arrested

By Bekai Njie

One Buba Jammeh lost his life during a land dispute between Gunjur and Berending in Kombo North. Police have arrested nine people in connection with the matter on Saturday.

Jammeh was allegedly shot by one Buba Drammeh in the stomach during the confrontation.

Mr. Drammeh is also alleged to have shot one Foday Jammeh who has sustained injuries. Both the victims and the accused were rushed to Brikama Major Hospital, said source.

Sources added that after the arrest of nine people by the police, hundreds of angry mob went to the police station and threw stones, damaging windows and wind-screens of the police vehicles. Both the Inspector General of Police and the PIU commander of the West Coast Region were been stoned at.

Our source further stated that the police chief upon arrival at the scene could not step out of his car as he was surrounded by angry mob who were stoning at him. He was forced to drive rough to save his life.

Human right activist and former minister of Information, Amadou Scattred Janneh, also a native of Gunjur, said that the priority at the moment was to calm the whole situation, saying there was no point for a bale game.

“We need to save lives and make sure there is peace in the area. And then the community also, we have our chief here and those who know the history of this problem to find a common solution to it,” he said. “But the priority right now is to make sure that there is calm in both communities so that we do not have revenge of killings or revenge of attacks from both ends.”

He said there are many occasions when they warned the authorities that unless something is done about the land situation in the country, there will be problems, citing Faraba case as an example. He said authorities always would act late even after several warnings.

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