Police in Gunjur forced to run for their lives

By Bekai Njie

Police stationed at Gunjur Police Station have abandoned the building for more than a week in fears of any possible attack by the angry villagers who lost their loved one in Gunjur-Berending land fracas.

The said police station was earlier attacked in a recent land dispute between Gunjur and Berending villages, with stones being pelted and destroying doors, wind-screen of vehicles and the office furniture by the angry mob of the Gunjur who accused the officers of taking bribes and given plots of land by their rival village Berending.

Sources said that the attacked police station has since the outburst of the land dispute between the two communities was entirely evaded by the station officers.

They claimed that the said officers are currently posted at the Sifoe Police Station, leaving the community in a state of insecurity.

The police spokesperson A.S P Lamin Njie said he has been receiving calls with regard to the desertion of the station by the police officers at Gunjur, but could not at the time of going to press establish the fact, adding that information will be given in due course about the matter.

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