Audit report confirms D2bn owe to Social Security

By Bekai Njie

The minister of Finance and Economic Affairs earlier today told deputies that the Internal Audit team recently conducted an audit and confirmed that a total of two billion and twenty two million, four hundred and forty one thousand dalasis is owed to Social Security, Housing and Finance Corporation (SSHFC) by other state owned enterprises and government of The Gambia.

Mambury Njie was responding to a question asked by Hon. Madi M.K. Ceesay member for Serrekunda West.

The Finance minister further informed deputies that cement price increment could be attributed to shortage in supply of cement related to the imposition of an additional tariff on bagged cement importation. “The objective of the tariff was to promote local industrial production and employment creation,” he said, adding that the local cement bagging industry couldn’t supply the increased demand due to the boom in construction. As soon as this was observed, the tariff was lifted as it was defeating the intended objectives.

Hon. Sainey Jawara, the member for Lower Saloum also asked the Finance minister to explain to the Assembly the methods or criteria used by government to dispose-off scrapped or unused vehicles in various ministries, departments and agencies.

The minister in response said the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs requested all ministries, departments and agencies to submit a list of derelict vehicles under their purview. “We then hired a consultant to assess the state of the vehicles and propose a reserve price for each vehicle.” Based on the report of the consultant, the auction will be conducted and it will commence on March 31st, 2019.

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