Former VP urges Barrow to reunite with Coalition

By Bekai Njie

Former Vice President Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang has challenged President Adama Barrow to reunite with the Coalition members and adhere to their advices to better govern the country.

“The Coalition is the only group that can advise the president on how to better govern and develop the country,” she opined.

VP Fatoumata-Tambajang
Photo Credit: Facebook

She observed that Barrow is now being surrounded by people who were not part of the coalition, but get close to him for their personal interests.

“All those people behind the president now were not part of the Coalition and are there for their personal interest which is not right,” she said.

She added; “I am calling on Barrow to come back to the Coalition and discuss with them to follow strategies which we agreed upon and also to solve areas where we have problems.”

The former veep indicated that they should all come together as coalition members and tackle any differences which are bringing factions in the coalition.

“I have a moral responsibility which is a divine mission for me to leave all what I was doing together with my coalition members to come together and form the coalition in 2016,” she said.Now I have taken back that same leadership responsibility to make an indoor meeting with other members to discuss and meet our flag-bearer because still now there are other coalition members that are still working in the government and for him (president) to leave those people there.”

She went on to call on all the Coalition stakeholders to go back to the drawing board and discuss as a coalition and come up with one voice together with the President and look at the objectives to chart a way forward to solve their differences.

“I’m calling on the president and being our flag-bearer to come and speak to Gambians and if he does that it would be very good because right now there is a big division between the executive and the coalition which is not right.” she added.

“When the President removed Ousainou Darboe, Lamin Dibba and Amadou Sanneh, I took my moral responsibility as a stakeholder for the change to go and visit Amadou Sanneh, Darboe and Dibba so as to talk with them and see how best they can reunite again as coalition,” she said.

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