Press Release: PDOIS excludes itself from coalition talks

A National conversation on coalition 2016 has been initiated at Kairaba Hotel but PDOIS has excluded itself from the conversation. The party says in a media release.

“Since 2017 the President has exercised executive authority without the oversight of a coalition. Cabinet composition has been determined without any reference to a coalition agreement. National Assembly and Council Elections have taken place in 2017 and 2018, respectively, without any consideration of a Coalition agreement.”

“By 2018, parties have held their congresses  and have taken major decisions regarding the shaping of the political dispensation of the country without any reference to a Coalition agreement. In this regard, the Bureau of the Central Committee of PDOIS considers it prudent to call on the convener to exclude PDOIS from the current conversation on matters relating to Coalition 2016.”

The Media is hereby informed that PDOIS is not part of the conversation and its leadership had already requested the convener not to include it in the conversation.”

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