Kandeh urges coalition to be clear about 3 year agreement

Bekai Njie

Mama Kandeh, the leader for The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has called on coalition stakeholders to clear the air and tell Gambians what they have signed rather than leaving the entire population in darkness.

Mama Kandeh

Kandeh, who doubles as the secretary general of GDC, was speaking at a recent mass political rally attended by thousands of its party supporters in Brikama.

He said that it is time for the coalition members to clarify their current position on the 3-year agreement, adding that the transitional government should not betray the trust Gambians have in them.

He said that after forming the coalition administration, the electorates were given campaign promises of serving only for 3-year transition period, but not organising political meetings at the state house.

“I have no interest in the coalition 3- year agreement because I was not part of its formation. But truly speaking that was what they have agreed on as different political parties. So what I wanted to tell the coalition members are that let them not deceive Gambians. This is because after forming the coalition, Gambians were given campaign promises. So let them come out and tell Gambians what they have agreed on before leaving the entire populace in darkness,” he added.

Kandeh maintained that President Barrow says he is not going to step down, while others are insisting that he is going to step down.

“Then it is time they come out and clear the 3-year deal they have with Gambians, because what I think is that Barrow is not chosen after his election to form a political party. What I also think is that he is not chosen after his election as president to organise political rallies. What they say was it is a transitional government so that they can change our constitution and lay a solid foundation for every Gambian. That is why they came together to effect change in the country. And after bringing that change, then they can serve for a 3- year transition and handover the government for the next elections. Then whosoever became the president has a constitutional right to organise political gatherings and talk to the people but not this government,” he said

On the issue of the ECOMIG presence in the country, Kandeh indicated that peace keeping mission should only be taken to countries that are experiencing conflict, but not a country where no sign of violence is seen.

He added that Gambians have the right to know what the ECOMIG forces are still doing in their country because what has been said was Ex- President Jammeh’s refusal to step down and now he is not even here and still there is no violence.

“What we are asking the government is that why still the presence of ECOMIG forces in the country?” he stated.


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