Magistrate advises family members to reconcile

By Dawda Faye

Magistrate Mam Samba of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court on 24 April, 2019, advised two brothers, Ousman Jobe and Abdoulie Jobe, uterine brothers to reconcile and talk to their children to come together as one family. She said that when the two brothers are no more alive without reconciling, the family may disintegrate.

Ousman Jobe told the court that Modou Jobe and Omar Jobe, the children of Abdoulie Jobe, broke his windows while he was out of the compound. He further stated that he would go in for reconciliation with his younger brother, Abdoulie Jobe, and his children but his problem was that his brother ‘s children should pay for the broken windows. He said that it was the responsibility of his younger brother to ensure that their children would not fight because he left him in the compound to take care of the family.

Magistrate Mam Samba then turned to Modou Jobe, Omar Jobe, Pa Amat Jobe and Ebrima Jobe, who are cousins, and told them that they should not fight each other because they belong to the same family. She told Modou Jobe and Omar Jobe that they are facing a criminal charge but the court could also advise them to reconcile and live peacefully together.

She advised Ousman Jobe and Abdoulie Jobe to bring their children together and broker peace, stating further that bringing their own family members to court does not tell well.

In response, Ousman Jobe and his younger brother, Abdoulie Jobe, told the court that they would bring their children together to reconcile, which the magistrate welcomed. She then adjourned the case for the family to report back concerning the reconciliation.

She then requested to talk to them in her chambers. As a result, they waited for her, and when she rose, they joined her in her chambers along with the prosecuting officer, Sergeant 2294 Jammeh.

Prosecutors alleged that Modou Jobe and Omar Jobe on or about the 29th day of March, 2019, at Latrikunda German, in the Kanifing Municipality of the Republic of The Gambia, unlawfully assaulted Pa Amat Jobe and Ebrima Jobe, the children of Ousman Jobe, by stabbing Pa Amat Jobe with a broken glass on his forehead, his right shoulder and his right rip, and also stabbed Ebrima Jobe on his forehead.

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