Trade Union in dialogue with gov’t, stakeholders for better working conditions

By Bekai Njie

The Secretary General of The Gambia National Trade Union Congress, has said that the Union is in constant dialogue with the government, International Labour Organisation and other stakeholders in a bid to implement better working conditions.

Ebrima Garba Cham was speaking on Wednesday at the Independence Stadium during activities marking Workers Day.

Cham noted that the welfare of workers is a global concern and for that reason, they are committed to ensuring better living conditions and decent work standards for workers and their families.
He indicated that the National Trade Union Congress being the umbrella body for Trade Unions in the country, is determined to make endeavours towards alleviating the under privileged work conditions.

He on behalf of workers submitted about twelve resolutions to the Ministry of Trade , one of which calls on government to put in place a tripartite task force that will constantly monitor the implementation of general terms and conditions of employment at work places with a view to addressing emerging problems between workers and employers on the spot, rather than  allowing the parties to resort to industrial tribunals where matters are sometimes dragged for years at the expense of poor employees.

“We urged government to therefore set up a Salary Review Commission to revisit and still adjust the increments upwards for pensioners and low-income earners”.
The day, he said, is also one of  stock taking of the conditions in upholding and promoting the principles of justice, equal remuneration for work of equal value and appropriate work conditions.


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