10 people Injured By Armed Robbers In CRR

By Bekai Njie

At least 10 people including children have been injured by armed robbers on Friday as they attacked a shop in Demfai; a small community in Central River Region, Sami District.

They also went away with two million CFA and 7, 000 dalasis before arrival of the security personnel at the scene.

Witnesses say that eight who were armed with guns, sticks and cutlasses attacked Papa Sey’s shop at around 8 p.m., seriously injuring his mother; Fatou Mai Bah and others.

The shop owner’s younger brother Jariga Sey, who was selling in the shop at the time of the attack was said to have been beaten by the robbers and later caused injuries on others who were at the scene.

Village Alkalo Alhagie Alieu Sey said when the armed robbers attacked; they fired bullets twice in the air before attacking the shop and people.

The 10 wounded people were taken to Karantaba health centre and later referred to Bansang hospital.

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