140 arrested journalists to benefit from reparation

Adelaide Sosseh, the vice chairperson of the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC),that’s established to unearth the atrocities committed under former President Jammeh’s era has stated that the 140 journalists that where arrested during Jammeh’s regime will benefit from reparation.

She said: “Reparation shall be given to the 140 journalists that were arrested during the Jammeh era. The victims, journalists will be asked what they want until they feel their pain is recognised, and then government is the main agenda of reparations.”

The TRRC vice chair was speaking on Friday during ‘Talk to TRRC Forum’ organised by young people held at the American corner along the Kairaba Venue.

TRRC, she added, was set-up to look into the human right violations from July 22nd 1994 to 2017. “TRRC is here to investigate the violation meted on Gambians with a view to ensuring that reparations are given to victims, through the Victims’ Center, which is here to promote national healing.

According to her, the TRRC consists of 11 Gambians;includes men and women who were identified in their different fields of work. “TRRC is doing urgent reconciliation to the victims, some of who need urgent treatment. The government has set-up a medical board to attend to them either physically or mentally be it in The Gambia or outside The Gambia.”

She added that: “TRRC will pay for children whose education were affected during the Jammeh’s era until their mandate is over and the government will take over in ensuring that their educational dreams are been accomplished,” she said.

Adelaide Sosseh defended the setting up of the TRRC bythe government; saying that it is of ‘paramount’ significance. She added that the truth must be told about some of the issues that happened from July 1994 to January 2017 whether good or bad.

She debunked claims that TRRC was set-up for witch-hunting, noting that the commission is not to witch-hunt anybody.

Commissioner Mustapha Kah, said TRRC was established to investigate the past human right violation, adding that a nationwide consultation was done with the view to sounding the opinions of Gambians about the TRRC.

Majority of Gambians, he explained, didn’t know all the things that were happened during the past 22 years of Jammeh‘s rule. “Through the establishment of TRRC,now people know the sad things that were happening in The Gambia.”

Momodou Mboob, spoke at length on the significance of the forum, acknowledging the fact that such kind of forum should continue in order to bring about national healings, while urging Gambians to support the TRRC.

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