Justice Ministry considering release of junglers

By Bekai Njie

Abubacarr Tambadou, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice has told QTV that he was considering granting bail or release the ‘junglers,’ members of the hit-squad (killers) instituted by ex-president, Yahya Jammeh.

Justice Minister Tambedou

He said: “On Monday and Tuesday, Malick Jatta appeared before the TRRC and has so far given information that has been helpful to the efforts of the TRRC to establish the truth. Certainly I will not rule out the possibility of granting them bail or releasing them for the time being until we get the recommendations from the TRRC about what we should do, not only with respect to the junglers but with everybody else. The idea is to encourage more people to come forward with the truth and so far I will not rule out the release of the junglers when they tell the truth.”

It could be recalled that in 2017, 11 junglers were arrested; with five later released, leaving six in detention.

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