Morike’s Poetry Corner: My Missing Rib

Morike (The Author)

I should describe her

Tell you of her beatitudes
Tell you of her life
One of notary kindness
Selfless in nature’s madness
Loving from her heart’s bare-bones
Giving & giving her last strength
That everyday with her
Is a miracle on earth
Yet she’s not perfect.
That her mind is the founding softness
Melts &melts through walls
Her ways the sweet perception of life
That everyone deserves a chance
To be happy, to live, to love
Her motto, her commitment, her truth
That life is such a complicated beauty
But it can be made simpler
A step at a time, a positive thought infused
That dreams come true but sometimes
You just have to work extra hard to achieve it
That the universe is a small circle
And love do play a big part
That when she loves, she loves to the end
Just does break her heart
And you will see the bareness of her joy
That love is not just a feeling
Is an everlasting connection
That defies the odds
That heals the past of woes
That builds a home of trust
And gives a nation its foundation
I should describe her
But my heart does it better
She’s a gift of life to my world
But she’s gone, I always tell her
She’s is wonderful, she is reading this
I love you infinitive.

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