Morike’s Poetry: Maanyobito (Mandinka Traditional Wedding)

The Author

An African culture, with long tradition

Upheld & maintained, proudly African
Vow of chastity, preserved & protected
Well groomed Maanyo, made parents proud
Decorated in beads, sparkling traditional look
Jinglings & swinging, long beads called “Yoroo”
Her head adorned, in special planting style braids
A jet black wrapper, a “Faanifingo”
Purposeful house freshener
Offering her smiles, the silent treasure
Newly wed wife, even the earth worship her step
Traditional utensils paraded, parents’ greatest gifts
Ushered in “Sondingo”, bribe’s secret abode
A traditional archive, best known to them
Vowed to be kept secret,  for posterity to harness
Mandinka Bride

Elderly women converged, matrimonial advice heap

Adhering to advice, happy matrimonial success recorded
Affectionate words coined, Nkoto and Mbaring
Reasons of such, a mark for respect
A group tasked,  jolting your memory
Making you cry, bidding their farewell
Missing your family and friends, created a vacuum in memory
Tears now flow,remembering this day for life.


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