Police clarify delay in the issuance of UDP permit

Press Release

The Office of the Inspector General of Police wishes to clarify to the public that it has previously withheld issuance of permit to the UDP due to current numerous security engagements that has overwhelmed the Police in terms of demand for security.

The request for permit from the UDP clearly indicated the need for security, crowd control and other related duties. Under such circumstances applicants are invited by the office of the IGP for further consultations so as to make arrangements for all the issues requested.

In this regard, the Inspector General’s Office having reviewed the situation hereby approves a permit for UDP’s political rally to go ahead at SSP Brikama on Saturday 25th January 2020, from 16:00hrs to 23:00hrs.

However, the IGP’s Office reiterates that due to its numerous engagements during this weekend, it cannot provide security and crowd control duties at the meeting ground as per UDP’s request.

Members of the public, party militants and supporters are urged to be law abiding and maintain peace during this period.

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