The Black Mamba: Kobe Bryant My Hero’s Eulogy: In His Death Are Lessons For The Wise.

by Alagi Yorro Jallow
Fatoumatta: Death kills man in unusual ways. Death is just a tool in the hands of fate, of inscrutable destiny. Luck is that air hostess who brings unordered drinks, something her passenger never asked for. We are all fools in matters of fate against which there is no armor. The wise, from the beginning of time, have not been able to decode death and its mortal software.
Fatoumata: I noticed the CNN and other media coverage of the chopper crash Sikorsky S-76B that killed NBA legend, Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old Daughter Gianna ‘Gigi’ Bryant and nine other persons. Only Kobe his name has been mentioned, while the other victims are unknown. Lesson: Make your mark so that you will not be part of “other anointed men of God” or “other four occupants in the helicopter.” Do not end up this world being anonymous. Make your mark.
Fatoumatta: In his death are lessons for the wise. He was a young man of 41 – just one of the nine persons, including his 13-year-old lovely Daughter, Gianna Bryant, who died in that crash. Nevertheless, have we noticed that poor Kobe Bryant had been mentioned in all news reports of that crash in almost all countries of the world?
Fatoumatta: His story continues to make the dominant paragraphs in reports and commentaries on the helicopter Sikorsky S-76B crash and of the with its anxieties and controversies. No one is talking about his possessions, but all tongues and fingers toast his humanity, his unpretentious love, and passion at basketball and love for family and humanity. The global focus has remarkably been on the fecund mind and heart and brains his maker endowed him with. His basketball and talks hoist him up as a loyalist of untainted truth, of patriotism, of courage and consistency, and honest living.
Fatoumatta: Even if he could look back and see his medicine, he would kneel before his maker in absolute gratitude for the universality of his acclaim. He was sent here to play a part, and he played it so well that at departure, even death gave him a full compliment. He is a successful brand, very well blessed that he had the grace of waving goodbye. Rest In Power Sports Hero.

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