Strengthening of the rule of law and justice mechanisms top agenda, as Barrow receives US Ambassador

U.S. Ambassador Carl Paschall met with H.E. President Adama Barrow on Friday, to present personal greetings for the New Year from U.S. President Donald J. Trump for a successful year for The Gambia and her people.

Ambassador Paschall and President Barrow used the opportunity to discuss the government efforts to combat human trafficking, ensuring strengthened rule of law and justice mechanisms, and ensuring The Gambia continues to improve the ease of doing business in order to attract U.S. investment and trade partnerships.

Ambassador Paschall also related the key highlights of his recent trip to the Upper River Region, noting how stunning the natural beauty is in The Gambia. He noted, “I have gone from Kartong to Fatota – everywhere I go is beautiful and all Gambians I meet are wonderfully warm and welcoming.”

Source: US Embassy 

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