The Gambia Radio and Television Services has learnt with utter dismay the ludicrous accusations levied against the national broadcaster for its alleged “persistent signal disruption” during the live broadcast of the 55th Anniversary Celebrations of the country’s
independence. These accusations are not only misleading, but undermines the very standards upon which all professional media institutions operate. Even though some individuals reported a momentary interruption of signals during the President’s speech,
it is axiomatic that GRTS successfully executed the entire independence coverage in a flawless fashion, in line with our national obligations as well as provide clean and uninterrupted feed to other media houses.
It might interest you to know that aside from QTV, GRTS provided the same feed from the same port to Paradise TV, STAR TV and Eye Africa TV. None of these media houses have issues with either the quality of our broadcast feed neither did they experience the problems alleged by QTV in the feeds they received from us. Therefore, for QTV to use their platform to ungratefully levy such malicious and ill-conceived technical blames on the national broadcaster with the apparent objective of discrediting GRTS is both outrageous and unacceptable. The state media hereby debunk with alacrity these accusations as ludicrously lugubrious, malicious, baseless and indeed worrying. Such malfeasance defeats the ideals of fair and open competition and partnership, which has always been the bedrock of our relationship with all media houses.
GRTS would like to place on record that since the liberalization of the broadcast industry by the Barrow government, it has always strived to fulfill its corporate mandate of educating and informing the citizenry through the coverage of state and other important national events, as well as availing other media houses including QTV unfettered access to high quality feeds without charges or any conditionalities. For QTV to therefore disregard this cordial and fruitful engagement on our side and decide to misrepresent the facts on just one event, as a way of directing undue public attention to the state media, on the pretext of earning favors on their capabilities to operate at state events independent of the state broadcaster, is very disappointing to say the least. QTV must understand that GRTS belongs to the Gambian people and is within every capacity to cover events of every standard and cannot be denied its rightful position of Must-Carry on all national events and programs. In view of the foregoing, GRTS calls on the authorities of QTV to withdraw their unfounded accusations without delay and desist from practices that has the potential of sowing discord and rivalry in our relationship. The state broadcaster hopes that such behaviors will seize henceforth and all of us will continue working together in peace and harmony towards the welfare of our respective audiences in the spirit of genuine partnership. This is the only way we can all contribute towards our individual development as well as the development of our beloved country the Gambia.–END–

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