President Barrow prays for newly inaugurated roads to connect hearts, communities

State House, Banjul, March 07, 2020 – His Excellency, President Adama Barrow has expressed hopes, and prayed that new roads constructed and inaugurated by his government will connect hearts and communities in The Gambia.

In a span of one week, the Gambian leader inaugurated a 121 kilometres Lamin Koto-Passamas Road in rural Gambia and another 13.5 kilometres road in peri-urban Kombos. The President described these projects as “a clear signpost of the implementation of the National Development Plan.”

He said his government’s vision, as detailed in the National Development Plan of the “new” Gambia is a country where the highest standard of good governance is upheld; where citizens enjoy access to basic services and the enabling environment is created for the private sector to thrive.

The Sukuta-Jambanjelly Road benefits communities around Sukuta in Kombo North, including Jabang, Jambur, Latriya and ends at the Brikama-Sanyang Connector Road at Jambanjelly in Kombo South.

It contributes to the booming economic activities within the area, as new housing estates and light industries continue to be constructed along the corridor.

President Barrow prayed that the roads will not only connect communities but also link the hearts of the peoples, and by extension the Gambian populace. He added that the peace, harmony, stability and economic prosperity that all Gambians want for their dear motherland is achieved.

For the 121KM Lamin Koto-Pasamas Road, the President said it fulfills the goal of completing the Gambia’s North Bank trunk road to a bituminous standard. From Barra, the road connects the northern part to the southern part of the country.

“It is a symbol of development that will impact thousands of lives, as it will ease access to health care and education, while enhancing movement of people, goods and services. By all measures, it will further promote trade and regional connectivity,” he said at the inauguration ceremony held at the farthest point of Northern Gambia.

The project provides a viable pathway to economic prosperity and social progress; comes with other advantages as improving access to the great agricultural potential of the north eastern region and facilitating effective implementation of the Government’s rural development programmes.

“The road will also stimulate the provision of better and more effective public services, including agricultural extension to encourage greater production. All these are critical to The Gambia’s food self-sufficiency drive and foreign exchange earnings,” he maintained.

The Gambian leader assured that his government will continue to maintain and expand the urban, secondary and feeder road networks in order to improve accessibility and induce acceptable travel time between destinations for all travelers in The Gambia.

Source; State House

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