Breaking News: 600 NPP supporters join UDP in Baddibou Noo Kunda

By Mariama Jobarteh

Fatou Cham, an executive of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Women’s Wing has disclosed that six hundred (600) supporters of President Adama Barrow’s party, the National People’s Party (NPP) in Baddibou Noo Kunda in the North Bank Region (NBR), have switched allegiance to the UDP during a political rally organised by the UDP Women’s Wing on Saturday.

She made this revelation while speaking at a political rally organised by the UDP Women’s Wing in Niani Sukuta on Sunday evening, during its 10-day nationwide tour.

“The UDP party is a party that is appreciated by everyone in the country and the beyond. In Baddidou Noo Kunda, 600 youths from the NPP switched allegiance to the UDP day before yesterday. And I hope that in Niani Sukuta, 1000 youths will join the UDP. The people of Niani have always been with us and will continue to support us,” she said in an audio recording.

Mrs Cham called on the people of Niani Sukuta to support the UDP in their numbers and register their supporters to vote for the party in the next presidential election. She said the people of Niani have never been left out in Gambian politics and it is time that they support and vote for their party (UDP).

Several speakers including Aji Yam Secka, Deputy National Party leader of the UDP, Aji Yamundow  Yabo, all expressed similar sentiments and called for more support to the UDP.

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