Bakoteh dumpsite is set on fire

Public notice

The General Public is hereby notified that 3 trespassers of which one is apprehended lit a fire at Bakoteh Dumpsite earlier today.

The fire service have been on scene for hours however given their limited capacity KMC has hired septic emptiers to pump fresh water to aid the efforts of the fire service.

The fire has been contained so far with the help of a D8 bulldozer which has created trenches to keep the burn area limited.

We apologize to the residents nearby for the smoke and would like to assure them that our service departments are doing all they can to arrest the situation.

We warn all neighboring residents who trespass onto the site to stay out for their own safety.

Our teams are working hard to ensure our a perimeter wall to secure the site is in process and building will commence in the near future.

Source: KMC

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