GDC accuses Minority Leader of organising political meetings in Niamina West ahead of the By-election

NRP’s Hon. Samba Jallow is currently holding political meetings for Barrow in Niamina West ahead of the By-election

Information reaching the GDC has it that the Minority leader of the National Assembly Hon. Samba Jallow is currently in Niamina West, campaigning for President Barrow, ahead of the By-election.

Despite the ban on political activities amidst the spread of the Coronavirus, politicians like Samba Jallow of the NRP are holding house to house political meetings in the provinces for Adama Barrow. This is wrong and we condemn him.

As minority leader,Hon. Jallow should not even campaign for the ruling party. He should be called for questioning by the police and the IEC should condemn him.

MC Cham Jnr
National Youth President

Source: Culled from MC Cham Jnr’s page

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