Kuloro native claims police are ‘negligent‘ in handling Haddy Jarjue‘s abortion case

 By Fatou Jaiteh

Mansour Barry, an uncle to the late Haddy Jarjue, a young lady who died recently due to aborted pregnancy has claimed that the police are being negligent in handling the case.

He also accused Alieu Jawo, the boyfriend of Haddy Jarjue of being an accomplice in the abortion process which claimed the life of his niece.

Mr. Barry made these remarks last week Monday during an interview with The Digest News at his village in Kuloro, Kombo East District, West Coast Region.

Despite the several efforts made, he said the poilce are still dragging their feet in ensuring that justice is done in this case.

According to him, the family have now taken it upon themselves to speak to the media to alert the concerned authorities about this case.

Mr. Barry revealed that his late niece Haddy Jarjue was a 16 year-old girl who lived with her single mother in Kulorro village. He said the parents of Haddy Jarjue were divorced and Haddy was about to sit her Grade Nine exams shortly before she met her untimely death sometime last year around April / May.

He disclosed that Haddy Jarjue died during an abortion process which he claimed was allegedly facilitated by her boyfriend Alieu Jawo, a native of Niamina village in the Central River Region.

According to him, Alieu Jawo is a driver by profession, and he drives a commercial vehicle from Brikama to Kulorro on a daily basis and that is where he met Haddy Jarjue. He added that the girl (Haddy Jarjue) used to travel to Brikama Methodist Junior Secondary School for schooling and eventually the boy (Alieu Jawo) shared an intimate relationship with her.

According to Mr. Barry, when Alieu Jawo realised that Haddy Jarjue was pregnant, he made arrangements to smuggle her to his home village of Niamina for some days without the knowledge of Haddy’s family. He said Alieu Jawo did this to conceal evidence of the girl’s pregnancy and thereby aided her to commit abortion.

“After searching for the girl for some days, the family decided to forward the complain to the police who also conducted searches in areas around Jarra Soma and beyond but could not find her,“ he stated.

He said after a while, Alieu Jawo and some of his family members came to Kuloro and informed Haddy Jarjue’s family that the girl was staying with them for the past few days and that she has died as they have come to accompany the dead body.

“But the girl‘s family refuses to accept the body until the police were informed. The family contacted the police for a post-mortem to be carried out for further investigations and in that process, both Alieu Jawo and his mother were arested and taken to the police where they spent some weeks but were later released on bail,“ he hinted.

Mr Barry alleged that the deceased was laid to rest without any proper investigations because the family until today have not laid their hands on any results regarding the post-mortem. He added that the information regarding the case is being controlled by the police.

He said about four months ago he went back to the police to find out but was informed that the file was again sent to the Attorney General’s Chambers. He therefore called on the authorities to make sure that justice is served.

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