FSQA to Lunch An Investigation into Sniper Chemical Usage

By Binta Senghore

Food Safety and Quality Authority (FSQA) has announced that they are investigating a recent rumour of Sniper insecticide being used on smoked fish.

During a press briefing earlier today at Public Health Head Office in Kotu, Muctarr Sonko, the Principal Food Inspector at Food Safety and Quality Authority, said they received information from social media that Sniper insecticide are being used on smoked fish for preservation.

Sonko disclosed that their Director General, during the weekend, went to GRTS to clarify claims of the recent rumor circulating on social media and assured the general public that the matter will be thoroughly investigated.

He added that on Monday they called on different departments responsible for food safety in the country, including the Ministry of Fisheries, the National Environmental Agency and the Ministry of Health to discuss the issue. He also said all the departments have a role to play in the food that we eat, especially fish.

Mr. Sonko also cited that they reached an agreement with those departments that they will investigate the issue or to set a taskforce where staff from the said public entities will work together to investigate the matter.

He affirmed that they want to give only accurate and reliable information to the general public, adding that any food that enters the country is inspected first before reaching the people.
“We do daily inspection in the country and there are people who told us that they have seen smoked fish vendors using the Sniper chemical on their smoke fish, however, we don’t want to rely on what we are told but instead investigate the matter ourselves and give accurate information to the public, “ he said.

He confirmed that they have task forces in all the borders in the Gambia to inspect food coming into the country.
Sonko concludes that if the smoked fish vendors used Sniper chemical on their fish, it means they lack the understanding of its implications on people’s health and wellbeing.

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