Sierra Leone’s First Lady visits President Barrow

President Adama Barrow received the First Lady of Sierra Leone, Madam Fatima Maada Bio, Tuesday, June 7th, at the State House in Banjul, where the two had a tête-à-tête on issues of concern to the Sierra Leonean community in The Gambia.

Madam Bio said she discussed with President Barrow the concern of Sierra Leonean students in The Gambia paying higher tuition fees than international students in Gambian educational institutions. She said most of these students have lived in The Gambia for years and now consider it as home. Madam Bio highlighted the historical ties between The Gambia and Sierra Leone, noting that many Gambians have benefitted from similar largesse at Fourah Bay College.

Madam Bio said President Barrow welcomed her plea, saying that issue has already been brought up in a Cabinet meeting. She thanked President Barrow for a warm reception, adding that she is glad that Sierra Leonean nationals in The Gambia are now exempted from carrying alien cards.

Source: State House

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