Commission witness says Amadou Samba represented Jammeh in Sale of Kairaba Beach Hotel

By Halimatou Ceesay

Modou Lamin Sonko, the Coordinator of MA Kharafi, has on Monday told the Commission of Inquiry into former president Yahya Jammeh’s asset that Amadou Samba was representing Yahya Jammeh during the sale transaction of Kairaba Beach Hotel between MA Kharafi and Yahya Jammeh.

Amadou Samba
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Clarifying his earlier evidence before the commission, Mr. Sonko claimed that MA Kharafi preferred a new leash in their company’s name but added that he was not sure whether they obtained the title deeds. He said the title deed was with Standard Chartered Bank because Kairaba Beach Hotel owed the Bank two million Dollars.

When it was put to him that the sale of the hotel was endorsed by Lawyer Edward Gomez, Mr. Sonko said he had never seen Edward Gomez during the sale transaction. He said it was Amadou Samba who signed the Sale Document.

He added that lawyer Mary Samba was also present during the sale of document as a lawyer for MA Kharafi, noting that Mary Samba asked for 15, 000 Dollars in legal fees but that they offered her 10, 000 dollars.

He emphasised that the sale of the hotel was between MA Kharafi and Jammeh, noting that he represented MA Karafi and Amadou Samba represented Jammeh in the sale of the hotel.

Letters for the sale of the hotel and other related documents were tendered and marked in evidence as exhibits.

The sitting was held at the Djembe Beach Hotel.


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