UDP Leader Expresses Delight Over Election Of First Mayoress

By Bekai Njie

Secretary General and party leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), has expressed delight over Rohey Lowe being elected the first mayoress of the city, describing it as historic.

Rohey and UPD Party Leader Darboe

“It is history making for the country and history making for our party,” Ousainou Darboe said. “What it means is that there should be more opportunities given to women so that when you talk of women empowerment, we should really mean it, we should not just reduce women to king makers.”

“They themselves should be elected to places of responsibilities where they can take decisions and this is what the election of lady mayor elect Rohey Lowe indicates.”

The Foreign Affairs minister said the elected mayors and chairmen went to nominations as UDP candidates but they are representatives of the people.

“I believe that I am the only person that can change Banjul like the way they wanted it to be. As we all know, Banjul’s sewage system, sanitation and infrastructure amongst others are all problems,” Rohey Lowe said.

She added that they have an all-inclusive approach in solving the problems of Banjul.




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