Gambian-Norwegian feminist appointed as International Women’s Peace Ambassador

By Sarata Jabbi

International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) at its 31st World Peace Tour in Bucharest, Romania appointed Gambian-Norwegian feminist, Neneh Bojang, as International Women’s Peace Ambassador.

In an interview with Neneh, she described her appointment as a great honour. ‘My appointment as an International Women’s Peace Ambassador has greatly humbled me. It has touched my heart deeply and has inspired me to want to work harder towards ending human suffering inflicted by war and conflict around the World’.

She expressed her belief that her appointment is recognition of her determination and passion in ending war and conflict around the world and putting an end to human suffering. ‘Since I was introduced to the International Women’s Peace Group ( IWPG) by Dr Morissanda Kouyateh, the Executive Director of Iac / Ciaf at our headquarters in Ethiopia in August 2018, I started my training as a Peace Lecturer trainee following a successful selection interview by the Regional Director, Yeriel Lee, of the International Women’s Peace Group ( IWPG).’

Neneh added that despite her tight schedule, she has worked tirelessly in making sure that her peace training lessons were delivered accordingly. ‘I have actively promoted Peace by introducing many people to IWPG around the World and written a hand written letter to the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg pleading with her government to support the Declaration Of Peace and Cessation Of War (DPCW) document that will be tabled to the UN in September 2019’.

Neneh thanked the Chairwoman, Hyun Sook Yoon, for being a role model, Yeriel Lee for the love and guidance she showers on her since she joined IWPG, the CEO of Mamos media for supporting her to conduct the interviews at the Peace Summit, her sisters at Inter-African Committee Norway and close friends for all the support and love they gave her on a daily basis.

She finally called on all and sundry to be ambassadors of peace in their respective communities and to focus more on fostering unity than promoting differences.


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