Lead or step down for Youth Movement, Kandeh tells Barrow

By Bekai Njie

Mama Kandeh, has urged President Adama Barrow to either lead the country or allow his movement to take over.

Mama Kandeh

The secretary general and leader of The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), said that since Mr. Barrow is the president, he allows the entire Gambia’s money to come through his hands. He, however, acknowledged that he respects President Adama Barrow as a chosen leader, but will not hesitate to tell him the truth when the need arises.

Mr. Kandeh was speaking during his party’s rally at Buiba, in Jarra Central on Saturday.

GDC expressed his disappointment in Barrow, saying at he was expecting Barrow to use government ministries to deliver development projects and not through his movement.

“What we expect is for Barrow to use his government institutions to deliver development projects but not to use his movement to do that,” Mr. Kandeh said.

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