What is the status of investigations on Melville?

by Madi Jobarteh

What is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice as well as The Gambia Police Force doing about the reported acts of sexual violence allegedly perpetrated by a top foreign affairs official Melville Robertson Roberts? It was these ministries and the police that announced on their own that they received reports of serious allegations of sexual abuse against Mr. Roberts for which they decided to take action. Since July 2019 there has been no update from The Gambia Government on this issue. Why?

The Government must not be making lip service on issues that deal with the very rights and dignity of our girls and women. Where Gambian women claim an infringement on their womanhood and dignity the Government as well as conscientious citizens must be seen to urgently and seriously take action in order to protect our women.

Therefore what is the Government doing about this case which is also necessary to urgently address so that Mr. Roberts could also maintain his credibility and innocence in tact if it is found that indeed he did not commit any crime. Melville also deserves his rights and dignity to be protected.

But to remain silent is not what is expected of the Government. We demand transparency and accountability on this case right now!

The painful cries of a dozen girls cannot and must not be ignored by both society and the Government! Our silence is injustice and violence against girls and women! Stand up to defend girls because the next girl victim could be your daughter, niece, sister or future wife!

For The Gambia Our Homeland

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