Gone are days when children abandoned their parents in search of a college education- President Barrow

In his inaugural speech at The Gambia College School of Education, Basse Annex, President Barrow re-echoed his government’s commitment to what he described as ‘remedying the disadvantages’ that people in the rural areas suffered in the past, where children had to part with their parents in search of higher education in the Greater Banjul Area.

‘’Since I assumed the mantle of leadership of this country, my government has taken, and continues to take concrete steps to make education, in general, and tertiary and higher education, in particular, accessible.’’ He remarked

Through the partnership with the MRC Holland Foundation, the President said the annex will also play a significant part in reducing the rural-urban migration and by extension immigration of our youths outside the country.

‘’As a native of rural Gambia, I saw how people struggled for accommodation when they first arrived in the Kombos to seek for better career opportunities. I am proud that this project will contribute to alleviating such challenges.’’

Hailing the MRC Holland Foundation as a formidable partner, President said his government will continue to strive in ensuring that quality education is accessible to all Gambians, as a key priority in the NDP.

While calling on the parents in the Upper and Central River region to send their children to the annex, President Barrow urged the students to be steadfast in their education to better serve their communities.

Source: State House

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