Honourable Jawara

NAMs launch scathing criticisms on Barrow’s government

By Binta Senghore

Even as President Adama Barrow is in New York to take part in the on-going United Nations General Assembly, the National Assembly members are busy taking their turn to talk about issues in the Gambia.Honourable Jawara

Honorable Sainey Jawara Member for Lower Saloum launched a scathing allegation on corruption in the  judiciary.  According to him, the level of corruption in the country was high. If our judiciary is corrupt, where are we heading to as a nation, said Hon. Jawara

‘On agriculture, honorable speaker, let’s be honest here our agricultural system is very poor and if the government is only implementing projects upon projects then our agricultural sector will not be improved,’ he said.

He pointed out that if the government invested substantially on agricultural   development, nobody is going to buy rice from the market at 1,400 dalasis for a bag.

Honourable GibbaFor his part, honourable Gibba ,National Assembly Member for Foni Kansala spoke about the state of the infrastructure at the Bwiam hospital. The  National Assembly member expressed concern about the worrying conditions at the hospital, arguing that they are  ‘not favorable at all’.

He summed up his intervention by appealing to the authorities to provide functional vehicles for the police stations in Foni.

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